Via Fiorenzuola

C.A.R.O. Vicolo: The Greening of Via Fiorenzuola

After several intensive and fun-filled months of community engagement, co-design, constructing, painting and plant preparation, the first green installations and hanging planters were positioned and celebrated along Via Fiorenzuola in the Borgo Bello neighborhood during a public Community Event on April 16th 2014.

The event was preceded by three community workshops to decide what to do to requalificate Via Fiorenzuola, a neglected back alley in Borgo Bello that was facing some safety problems. During the meetings the community was called to envision strategies, while the Umbra Institute Urban Spaces’ class presented “green” designs and elaborations to beautify the whole Via Fiorenzuola.

The proposals were examined by both the members of Borgo Bello Association and by Luana Trinari, doctor of agricultural sciences and landscape technician, who helped out choosing the best plants for the project

The people voted and decided to give new life to used materials such as wooden pallets and tin cans procured with the support of the local traders of the neighborhood. Some members of the community offered their expertise for the realization of the planters and vases, while others were in charge of buying or finding the missing materials: paint, gloves, brushes, sandpaper etc .. Finally, the close Church of San Domenico provided some space to allow volunteers to meet every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm to finalize the building and work for the inauguration.

The event marked an another important step in the Borgo Bello Association and Umbra Institute’s collaborative efforts to bring new beauty, care and conviviality to this neighborhood’s lovely – but sometimes neglected – back lanes through active and effective community participation.

The Community Event was participated by many locals who had a chance to plant a little living symbol of Umbra’s commitment to making Perugia a better place for all.

The planters were then adopted” by the inhabitants of the alley, and especially by Nati a new inhabitant of the neighborhood from Macedonia, who takes daily care of watering them.

Via Fiorenzuola – Progetto C.A.R.O. Vicolo Video by SMEC (in Italian)