Via del Deposito

New light and new life for Via del Deposito

During Fall 2013 students of Urban Spaces after attending two public workshops to discuss how to revitalize with the local community the forgotten alleys of the area, decided to plan a Christmas attraction on Via del Deposito.

To explain their intentions to the inhabitants the students wrote a letter:

To the residents of Borgo Bello,

The association of Borgo Bello, in cooperation with Umbra Institute and the City of Perugia, is organizing a project to revitalize the forgotten alleys of the area, called C.A.R.O. Vicolo. As a starter to the project, we would like to bring light to Via del Deposito, the birthplace and home of the futurist painter Gerardo Dottori. This once lively street has faded from its former glory. As the holiday season approaches we hope to reintroduce life through an installation of lights and creative pieces, some of which could remain permanently in accordance with Dottori’s dedication to a bright future. Every street has a story to tell; it is our mission for Via del Deposito to become a place of care, camaraderie, and beauty.

We invite you to join us on Tuesday, November 5th at 3.30PM, to meet students from Umbra Institute as we begin preparations for le Luci sulla città. We look forward to meeting you and hearing your thoughts about the project.

Thank you.

Via del Deposito is the street of the native, father of futuristic painting, Gerarado Dottori. The association’s aim was to focus attention on this forgotten, but historically relevant and attractive covered lane. The students thought that showcasing this street – the cradle of Umbrian Futurism – could serve as an example of what the future of the numerous back lanes of Perugia and Borgo Bello could be.

With the collaboration of the Comune the street was cleaned up beginning on November 5th. On that day Arch. Palombara (one of the members of the Borgo Bello Association) guided a group of young American university students of the “Urban Spaces and Building Communities” class in restoring the Dottori commemorative plaque and the adjoining house numbers, while others interviewed and involved the street’s residents. Throughout November, the association members and the Umbra class prepares various installations and decorations for the Christmas event.

The work on Via del Deposito was connected to the outdoor gallery restoration of Via del Canterino which was inaugurated in June 2011 and create an intriguing inner loop around a segment of Corso Cavour.

The event Luci sulla città in Via del Deposito was inaugurated on December 8th and illuminated through December 24th. The whole community was welcomed to celebrate the rebirth of Via Deposito and the start of the Christmas season.