C.A.R.O Vicolo Project

C.A.R.O. Vicolo (“Dear back alley”) – is a project of the Borgo Bello Association in collaboration with the American students and staff­ of The Umbra Institute with the initial patronage of the City of Perugia. C.A.R.O. stands for Collaborate-Activate-Recuperate-Host.

Its objective is to bring attention to the neighbourhood’s neglected back alleys and streets and to develop shared strategies for revitalizing them – through participatory place-making – into places of care, conviviality and beauty.

Since Fall 2013, students have collaborated in the C.A.R.O. Vicolo Project that has – to date – contributed new life, beauty and interest in the Via del Deposito covered lane, created a proto-typical vertical wall garden in Via Fiorenzuola, started the first neighbourhood’s community garden OrtoBello – inaugurated in Spring Semester 2015 – and is currently working to recuperate at The Terrace of Via del Cortone in Borgo Bello neighbourhood, a beautiful belvedere with no use at the moment.


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