C.A.R.O Vicolo Project

C.A.R.O. Vicolo (“Dear back alley”) – is a project of the Borgo Bello Association in collaboration with the American students and staff­ of The Umbra Institute with the initial patronage of the City of Perugia. C.A.R.O. stands for Collaborate-Activate-Recuperate-Host.

Its objective is to bring attention to the neighbourhood’s neglected back alleys and streets and to develop shared strategies for revitalizing them – through participatory place-making – into places of care, conviviality and beauty.

Since its beginning in 2013, this class has been an important catalyzer and partner in the placemaking efforts in   the Borgo Bello historical neighborhood in Perugia. Our “C.A.R.O. Vicolo” Project which began in Fall 2014 and has injected new life, beauty, and interest in several public spaces in Borgo Bello. In collaboration with the Borgo Bello Association and the nearby School of Agricultural, Environment, and Food Sciences (DSA3), our students have helped design and build “vertical wall gardens” in Via Fiorenzuola,  have promoted and co-built “OrtoBello”, the neighborhood’s first community garden and more recently, have worked to revitalize the Terrace of Via del Cortone, a hidden place in the neighborhood with a spectacular view of Perugia’s Acropolis, which has been renamed (by our students and the community) “Salotto con Vista”  – “A Living Room with a View.” Last term (Spring 2019) the class focused its efforts on the improvement of social spaces and information systems within the Saint Pietro Community Garden, also in Borgo Bello.

This term we will shift our attention to another neighborhood of the historical center of Perugia, the Sant’Angelo Neighborhood (Borgo d’Oro) which extends around Corso Garibaldi. Several neighborhood associations have recently joined forces to attempt to regenerate an abandoned linear park which forms the Northern edge of the district (The “T.Urb.Azioni” Project). Our class will offer support to these efforts and, during this semester, we will aid in the shared development, communication and construction of some first ideas/interventions for the improvement of the park’s central area.

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