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Streets and Children

This week I really enjoyed the reading, and in particular Ray’s piece on childhood and the value of street play. I think he hit such a variety of important points having to do with the role of streets and independent … Continue reading

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Children and Sidewalks

I spent my childhood afternoons, and the entirety of my summers, outside in the streets and parks of my hometown. My mother would drop me off at my cousin’s house a few blocks away and we were left, for the … Continue reading

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Finally Discovering Placemaking

There was a tangible moment during last week’s class when I realized how important Jane Jacobs really was, and how seminal her writings on the american city were to the urban planning and architecture community were. I also learned, between … Continue reading

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Borgo Bello and Jane Jacobs by Claire W.

Tuesday’s class was certainly unorthodox compared to the slew of college classes I’ve attended in 3 years; I can now say I got to explore a city neighborhood for class, and learned some really interesting things. The most distinct observation … Continue reading

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