This blog is an educational tool for the students of The Umbra Institute and, in particular, for the students of the course “Urban Spaces: Rebuilding Community in Perugia” (re named in 2016 “Placemaking: Creating Sustainable Urban Spaces and Communities“).

Placemaking: Creating Sustainable Urban Spaces and Communities” is a community-based course that uses participatory workshop activities, comparative readings and community discussion, as well as urban exploration exercises, to understand the relationships between people, places, actions and values.

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The objectives of the course are to learn and practice strategies to transform urban spaces into vital shared places and to create more livable, friendly and inclusive communities, through the theory and practice of “place-making” approach.

During each semester students are invited to explore, meet and interview key actors, and as well to attend and organize cultural activities into the neighbourhood of Borgo Bello, a central historical neighborhood in Perugia, Italy.

The blog will also work as a repository online for the development of C.A.R.O Vicolo Project and related topics.

Video presentation of Urban Spaces

For further information browse the blog or contact us:

Prof. Raymond Lorenzo    raymond.lorenzo49@yahoo.com

Arch. Viviana Lorenzo       arch.vivianalorenzo@gmail.com

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