REACH for the Light at the end of the Tunnel

For my midterm I wrote about a program back at home called REACH. It is a program that allowed kids in high school to hang out with kids younger than them. It gave the opportunity to for the older kids to not only teach the younger kids but to learn from the younger kids as well.

I mentioned how Placemaking had inspired me to create a few ideas that could change the program for the better. As I was writing this paper I never thought I would actually follow through with these plans but after the workshop from last class, I might just have to

I say this because once you are in the actual process of creating something to better the community it allows you to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”. I am not saying that Parc Sant’Angelo is in a dark place, but it certainly has not reached its true potential. As we worked with Marcello I realized how much of a precise process this was going to be. He talked about the golden ratio and the important role it had in building the wind harp. I couldn’t help but learning about the golden rule in math class and think “when am I ever going to use this”.

I am excited to see the end result of this project. I know that we started the chair reaction and it is now in the hands of the kids who take peacemaking next semester. Maybe then the park will reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

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