Inspiration at Parco Sant’Angelo

For this weeks assignment in placemaking, our class was asked to visit Parco Sant’Angelo. At the park we were to walk around and observe, and then take photos of points of attraction of the park, as well as of areas that we have a vision for in order to bring the park to life.

Although it was a rainy day when I visited, I still found inspiration in many of the locations of the park, where I began to take notes on ideas for these areas. In turn, I created some sketches on top of real life photos of locations of the park.

I entered the park from a side route, which is the first entrance off of Corso Garibaldi. Here, I found that there was not any indication that there was a park ahead. I find that indicating that there is a park would be greatly beneficial, as a reason that the park is so empty is because of the lack of awareness it has in the community. With this thought, I found a spot near the entrance that could hold a sign for the park.

A large, brightly colored sign like this drawing could attract people from a further distance away, as well as let people know what they are walking into. This encourages engagement with the park and spreads awareness of the park as a whole.

The next spot I had ideas for was the benches that are permanently placed in the ground throughout the park.

In class, there were ideas going around about creating a map of the park. If these maps were created, I thought that the benches could be possible landmarks as to where the person is located in the park in relation to the map. These benches could have brightly colored signs with numbers to indicate where on the map the person is located.

The next location I had ideas for was the stadium area of the park. This is a large area with stage room and a large amount of seating, suitable for concerts, plays, and performances of all sorts.

I found that a removable stage could be great for this location. Here, people of the community, most importantly children, could put on performances.

In addition to the stage, I began to think about the seating arrangement in this stadium. The cement steps did not seem very comfortable for the public, so I began to brainstorm ideas for a possible solution.

I though that removable cushions could be a possible solution to the seating in this area. Making the seating more comfortable would bring more people to want to sit here to watch performances or even just to relax and take in the park. My only criticism of this idea is the possibility that the cushions would be lost or stolen. A possible solution to this is creating signs to instill the necessity to respect the resources that are being given to the park.

My last idea I had on this exploration had to do with the trashcans. During the park cleanup that our class participated in, I found that the park was not being respected on a littering aspect, as we filled many bags up with assorted trash that was strewn about the park.

A possible solution to this could be the addition of signs on all of the trashcans. These signs could be bright and playful with beautiful art or catchy sayings that hopefully steer people away from littering around the park.

As a conclusion to this blog, I would like to ask you, the reader: Which of these ideas stands out most to you and why? Which seems the most realistic and necessary?

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