A Second Snoop-About – By Nicole Flohr

On Friday, Casey and I went back to the park to take pictures and brainstorm.

Again, I thought about the need to draw attention to the park entrances on the street. Perhaps we could create a map to put under the sign, or paint the view from the park to entice people to enter.

Once we entered the park, Casey and I found a map. However, it was the only one we saw in the park (the only other one had graffiti covering all the information). More signs and maps could be attached to the many lampposts within the park.

Finally, we thought about the class’ wind chime idea. The olive tree grove could be a good area to hang the wind chimes long term. But, for our winter wonderland event, we could use the wind chimes, lights, and decorations to indicate a path from the street to the amphitheater, where the festivities could take place. But, the concrete path to the amphitheater is a concern, because (especially with the leaves) the uneven and broken path could be dangerous.

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