Parco Sant’Angelo Clean Up

This past weekend we participated in the clean up at Parco Sant’Angelo. Our class worked together with some community members to remove trash and dangerous items from the area. While it was not a huge crowd, the people who attended seemed motivated to help improve the park.

The attendees collectively put together four lists of things to keep and change about the park. Together the consensus was that the park has good green spaces that should be maintained, and that the view, amphitheater, and trees are assets. Most people also noted that events utilizing the amphitheater would help draw people to the park. The suggestions included events like music, cinema, theater, kids activities, cultural events, etc. Other suggestions included things like environmental and nature activities like community gardens and recycling.

Discussing the M.O.V.E. suggestions from community members and students

Some suggestions for improving the already-existing features include making the park more accessible and provide more engaging seating areas. Participants thought it important to avoid leaving the park abandoned without trash clean-up. Since certain areas of the park are frequented by illicit  drug-users, it is important to maintain the area to the point that it is safe, especially for children and pets to play.

The reading discussed how the success of a space in becoming a place is often its vicinity to some sort of busy area. A bench alone may not attract people but a bench close to a bustling area can give passerbys a place to sit and enjoy a space. The challenge that Parco Sant’Angelo has is that it is in a more secluded area. It isn’t close enough to an area like a piazza to bring people in. Making the park more well known and accessible can improve this factor. A place will not bring in people unless others are there too. Perhaps the involvement of community members in the area will serve as that kind of attraction.

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