A Breath of Fresh Air

There is something to be said about the effect a child has on not only their loved ones but their community. How their lust for life and sparking creativity is contagious. I think it is safe to say that when you have a child in your life, you learn from each other all the time. It is important for the community to have a strong relationship with their children because these kids are the future. They are a breath of fresh air the city longs for. 

Paul Goodman says “For green grass and the clean waters of our rivers, for the bright eyes and colorful, happy faces of our children… I am willing to give up every other privilege.” Children have a natural tendency to perceive the world in a different lens that adults loose overtime. As green grass and clean water are refreshing, the smile and hopeful eyes of a child are necessary. 

Camp I worked at at home

Once I was a camp counselor at my towns summer camp. I loved that job because it didn’t even seem like I was working. I was teaching the kids as I was also learning from them too. Their minds were so simple and frank it was admirable.  I think children are so important to the community because they are the future of the community. 

In Perugia, I think it would benefit the community to have the children’s voice more present. For what we pass down to them will determine how, when the day comes, will lead the community of Perugia. They will be the breath of fresh air the community needs.

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