People Watching

My roommate and I got our usual gelato and headed for the steps. It was Monday night and the air had a nip to it. As we approached the steps I noticed that it was very quiet, maybe because to was a Monday night maybe because it was fairly cold compared to previous nights. We picked a spot high up on the stairs.

As we sat an ate our gelato an Italian man and woman sat a healthy distance infant of us. We were trying to figure out their relation to each other. They were sitting very close. I noticed that the woman did not have a ring on her left hand so they most likely were not married. Their conversation seemed to be surface level. Neither laughed or seemed to enjoy the others company. But their body language was very close proximity to each other.

It was interesting to see this pair give off contradicting signals that neither confirmed nor denied if they were together or not. It is hard to tell one’s relationship status here because everyone is much more personable than back int the states. A perfect example is how people great each other with two kisses to the cheek. It is a much more personable way to greet each other than in the states.

I think this relates to peacemaking because how the people interact with each other creates the feel for the city. For example by sitting on the steps for a few minutes I saw that people interact in a very close proximity and that does not mean they are dating etc. The culture of the city is shaped by the people that it is made up of.

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