Keep it Clean and Green

Last weekend, the placemaking class and community members participated in a cleanup and potluck at Parco Sant’Angelo. At the end of the cleanup, there was a sort of workshop, exploring the people’s ideas in what this park looked like to them. As I look back at the transcript from this activity, I found that many people wanted to maintain the greenery of the area.

As a person who emphasizes the importance of nature, I wanted to explore this idea even more. There is an abundance of plants, flowers, and trees, but they do not seem to get the respect and care that they should. During the cleanup, I found the majority of the trash was dispersed among the plants in the area, which really took away from the beauty of the nature of the park. Littering is inevitable, but decreasing people’s tendencies to liter is very obtainable.

Something that could decrease this littering is leaving more trash areas around the park. If there were more visible trash cans, people would be more likely to respect the space and throw their trash in the bins provided.

Another idea would be getting creative with it, and creating signs regarding littering. Signs that catch the eye of it’s viewers with colors and intriguing design may encourage people to decrease their littering. Tasteful and creative signs regarding littering, whether they be interesting graphic design, or more cute designs catered to children, may get people thinking more before they decide to dispose of their trash into the greenery of the space.

Improving on the littering going on in the area is important because a successful place would be clean, attracting it’s viewers and encouraging them to come back again and again.

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