Bringing Life to a Peaceful Neighborhood

First impressions of Borgo Sant’Angelo

During an exploration of the neighborhood of Borgo Sant’Angelo, there were two positive things about the area that stood out to me: tranquility and color. 

The neighborhood is relatively quiet compared to other areas of Perugia, which I see as a positive attribute of the area. On the main street, the beginning of the street has the most life it seems, comprising of restaurants, pubs, and shops. The further you walk up the street, the more empty the buildings seem, as well as there are more housing buildings than commercial spaces. There also seems to be less people the further you walk up the main street. I found this layout to be an interesting idea to work with, as there is so much space to improve on in terms of bringing back life to the area. This quietness is not necessarily a bad thing; it gives our class a great foundation to work with. I also find the quiet tendency of the street to be particularly relaxing, which is something that is positive when placemaking, as it can give people a chance to decompress from their daily life. 

Another attribute I noticed was color. When I wandered off onto side streets with apartment buildings, I found many vibrant colored walls and art. This gave me inspiration, as color may something that the main street needs to bring some life to the area.  

Overall, the neighborhood of Sant’Angelo has incredible potential to grow and become a place for people to enjoy. It is a wonderful area for people to take a break from the busyness of the center of Perugia, and has the ability to bring some peace and tranquility to the people of Perugia. 

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