A new beginning … in Borgo Sant’Angelo

Welcome Fall 2019 Class!

Today it will be your first class of ENV/FSST/SOC 310: Placemaking: Creating Sustainable Urban Spaces and Communities  and we are very happy to welcome you in Perugia and to discover the C.A.R.O. Vicolo Project and our new challenge: to bring our placemaking efforts into a new neighborhood, the Borgo Sant’Angelo!

Before we introduce you to the blog instrument and how it works, we would like to say goodbye and thanks once again to Umbra’s Placemaking Spring 2019 term students – Brooke, Kristen, Zac, Curtis, Olivia and Tessa – who have worked really hard through the past semester to make Borgo Bello and in particular the Orti Sociali of San Pietro a more beautiful and shared place!

Since we are moving into another neighborhood of the historic center of Perugia, we want to especially thank all our partners and friends in Borgo Bello for their wonderful hospitality and for five, intense years of active and productive collaboration. We are really happy to see now many indipendent and successful participatory and placemaking actions, going on in the neighborhood, which we will visit SOON with our new class.

Last term the class focused its efforts on the improvement of social spaces and information systems within the Saint Pietro Community Garden (Orti Sociali of San Pietro) with the collaboration of the students and members of  DSA3 San Pietro Green Team and Umbra’s Ceramics Course of Professor Philippa Stannard. Our class work was celebrated with live music, “bruschetta” and the inauguration of the renewed furniture and information system, all designed and built by the Placemaking students.

Now it is time for Placemaking Fall 2019 class to pick up the legacy and to continue  the C.A.R.O. Vicolo Project in a new home!

This semester our collaborative work will be with the members of the neighborhood association of Borgo Sant’Angelo and of the association Ya Basta, that is already working to improve the neighborhood’s park, Parco di Sant’Angelo.

Just like last term, the students of Placemaking will keep running the blog-journal “Placemaking in Perugia” (which you are looking at right now) focusing on assigned reflections about the themes discussed in class, presented in the readings, and as related to each student’s experiences.

Keeping a (weekly) journal will help you consolidate your understanding of the course activities and theory, and offer an opportunity to explore connections between in-class and experiential learning.

Weekly based Journal entries are mandatory and expected to be submitted at least 12H before class.

In these short posts students shall express their impressions and reflections about the readings and also provide one significant photo image of their experience. Questions, issues, curiosities … all can be included!

Each post should be long a maximum of 500 words, display a title that includes the name of the author (e.g.  My first  walk around Borgo Sant’Angelo by Viviana Lorenzo) and one significant picture (note: pictures of children are forbidden unless framed from the rear).

Students shall place their posts under the category “Class Journal” and enter mandatory tags such as Fall 2019 and Journal # and may also enter other relevant tags (max 3).

Take your time to explore the blog and to read about former students’ project in Borgo Bello and about their experience collaborating with the community.

So once again, the journey is about to begin…

A Note to Spring 2019 Students: from this moment former students’ blog role will change by “author” to “contributor”. This means you won’t be able anymore to publish directly on the blog, but you will still be able to write posts to be published by the administrator, if you wish.

We invite all of you to click the“follow the Blog button” (in the column on the right) and receive notifications of new posts by email!

Stay up-to-date with the future of Borgo Sant’Angelo and Perugia!

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