Transportation In Paris

This past weekend I made my way to Paris (Brooke and I happened to go at the same time). I had to return to Perugia on my own since I travel with my friends from home and they did not have class on Mondays. So on Sunday, I began my travels at noon. Their subway was extensive, allowing us to move faster than an uber would move us from our Airbnb to the Eiffel tower. There was no cost to transfer to their regional trains allowing access to both Orly and Charlies De Gaulle airport. Then a driverless tram transported people from the regional train to the airport I was going towards. The infrastructure was designed for distance travel for a city that only had a few skyscrapers (one which was a tragic site to see in such a beautiful city). I believe I travel into an area that you could call a suburb on my way out of the city in Antony South of Paris. The buildings never seemed to pass 12 stories unlike when taking the train out of New York where the Bronx, Yonkers, and Mt. Vernon have tall buildings spastically spread out. The sprawl into suburbs felt less defined as the whole city seemed to never seemed to gain much hight in their buildings and urban capacity.

The Paris Metro. I was able to travel from the Couronnes stop on the Line 2 blue to the Antony station, then Orly airport in an hour and ten minutes.
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