Safer with Children – By: Kristen Palardy

Something we have mentioned in class a lot is how children make the place. Whenever you see children around an area you assume it is a safe space with limitless opportunities. As we have mentioned this topic many times in class, I haven’t really thought about the fact that I have seen so many less children in Europe compared to the United States. In Perugia it is understandable because it is heavily a working class and college town, but the other large cities I have travelled to (Barcelona, Florence, Rome) have all seemed to have even less children.

When travelling to these large cities, I was warned multiple times to watch out for my personal belongings and to keep everything in a purse across my body. Even in Perugia I often hear this warning, but when I’m travelling along the roads and I do see children returning from school, this is the last thought in my mind. In the other cities I travelled to, seeing a group of children together was rare, as most children were with their families, and even these disappeared from the streets as the sun began to set. This definitely contributed to a certain feeling of uneasiness between my friends and I at certain times, and rightfully so. While in Barcelona, my friends phone was stolen while we were at dinner, and while in Rome, my phone was stolen at the Trevi Fountain. I am not saying that children being absent from these situations contributed to our stolen belongings, but there seems to be at least a slight correlation. A space will always feel safer when children are close by.

Image result for barcelona streets
La Rambla in Barcelona
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