Participatory Memory

One of the most critical processes used in Placemaking is participatory planning. It involves using the knowledge and participation of the local community in the planning process of new spaces. Recently I have been discussing elementary education, specifically focusing around food and agriculture. Participatory planning, I believe, could be pushed even further as a concept. While planning is important, participatory education is another concept that could be considered under the same umbrella.

One of the most memorable parts of my education growing up was camping at a local farm and working there to learn the effort that goes in to producing food. Focusing in food and agriculture, as I plan out the focus of the rest of my life, has helped me realize the lack of education surrounding this subject. Participatory education, which would involve both children working on a farm or building a garden, as well as including the people who actually produce the food, such as farmers, inside and outside of the classroom would accomplish this. I think reshaping the way we think about participation within the sphere of education is really important for the present position of children, but also impactful for their future. To ingrain the idea of participation as a two way street between yourself and others who should be involved would help increase social inclusion for our future.

Maple Sugar Lessons with the Farmer
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