Roma: The Monarchy, Republic, and Empire

This past weekend I got the amazing opportunity to go to the city of Roma. During my 4 days there, I made an observation about the city design. To me, elevation signifies power. All of Romes amazing points and sights are for the most part on a hill of some sort, and over look the rest of the city. Specifically, I remember standing at Castel Sant’Angelo and scanning the city from left to right. You could see the coluseum, the vatican, and many more points of interest from that spot. Next, I though about Perugia and how it is a hill town. The walls that surround the city is another similarity to Rome. A long with power, elevation also shows wealth. I believe that the richest people thought that building on high points showed their worth. This amazed me and made me think about why cities are built on high points such as hills, and why it was so common to start construction there. Lastly, I though about cities I am familiar with such as New York City and Philadelphia and how their power is shown differently. Rather than building on high points as a sign of power, the size of the buildings are what represents that.

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