Borgo Bello and Via Dei Priori by Curtis Brown

The star-shaped city of Perugia has many different communities within them. The two central communities that I have interacted with in this city is the community in the area around the street Via Dei Priori and Borgo Bello.
The Via Dei Priori community has tighter streets and seems a little less open. The road is full of historical buildings rising seven to eight stories, with small walkways. The density makes you feel right in the urban area as you pass under the many arches. There is not publicly created artwork; instead, the buildings are the artwork. The area is mixed use with meat markets, restaurants, and shops on the street below apartments above. Foot traffic is always present on the street. This leads into Piazza IV Novembre, the center of Perugia, a cultural and community center. This makes me question what type of people live in this area that the school has provided us to live in. It is historical so does that also raise rents? Is this an area for families or younger folks?
The Borgo Bello community has a few different attributes than Via Dei Priori. First off, the center street for this area is much broader, showing that it is an area build in more recent years than Priori. It feels like the street is guiding you down it, with many side streets to get lost down. Doors to local apartments occupy these side streets. When I walked the neighborhood earlier tonight at 17:00 people were going in and out of their apartments, getting food and getting home from work. There felt like a stronger community as people stopped to talk to each other on the road and say hello. This area felt significantly more open as it has buildings that are not as tall. Borgo Bello felt like it had a stronger local community than in other areas of the city. I would assume that many middle-class citizens of Perugia live in this area focused on younger citizens.

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