My thoughts on the agricultural school

Agriculture has always been a huge interested of mine. After going vegan, I started researching all things related to agriculture, and I learned many disappointing things. Then, last semester I took a class called food, society and the environment. It was a sociology class all about the corrupt food and agricultural systems, and I learned that the issues ran way deeper and were way worse then I ever could have imagined. Its easy to get discouraged when learning about this vastly corrupt system that is so much bigger and more complicated then one small person like my self could possibly tackle. Fortunately I soon came to the realization that I am not alone. Looking around my class, full of passionate people, and knowing there are so many young people passionate about these issues as well. I am not alone in it, we are stronger together, and only together can we work towards a more sustainable and progressive future. Fast forward to our tour of the agricultural school. Not only was it a wake up call that these problems are being tackled by passionate people all over the world, but it was so interesting to see how a school solely focused on agriculture operates. I am sure there is so much more going on than I got to see, but even just the introduction to the concept of people dedicating their lives to learning about agriculture, and hopefully sustainable agriculture, gives me hope. download

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