American Playgrounds in Italy?

In placemaking, children have (arguably) the most important role. This is due to the fact that it  can be a slow and gradual process. The project that you involve the children in is a project that will likely be completed by the time they are adults, and able to use the facility. When it comes to quicker projects, children are important for several reasons. First, children remind us of our youth, and a youthful place is a happy place. Secondly, if a place is made for children to be able to enjoy it, they need adults to accompany them. Those adults are going to want to be facilitated as well. This indicates a coexistence, almost synergy, between two parties: adults and children.

In the United States, at least on Long Island, parks are pretty much divided into two areas: kid zones and adult zones. The area dedicated to children, from what I remember, was always an amazing and safe place to play. Playgrounds were colorful jungle gyms. They were the pinnacle of imagination and play. The adult areas were just as amusing. Beautiful picnic areas, well kept greenery, and plenty of facilities to use like BBQ grills, cabanas, and more. I have yet to see such spaces here in Perugia, as well as the rest of Italy. I feel as if there aren’t enough sufficient areas for child’s play, and I think it would be beneficial to integrate parks/play grounds similar to the ones I described. The bigger, and more colorful, the better. With those playgrounds, areas for adults and anyone else can be integrated, like picnic areas.

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