Teamwork makes the dream work

7A6E3B6A-D16C-478E-BF5B-35BC32F8CE9D.jpegWhen multiple people work together to achieve a single goal anything is possible. I learned this a long time ago but this past week in Perugia has reinforced that idea. While our class is committed to creating a great community space in Perugia we cannot do it by ourselves. The field trip we took to the school of agriculture and the puppet theater inspired me for I saw so many different groups of people who are willing to help create a space for Perugia.

The school of agriculture can be a great help for there are students and faculty members there who can contribute so much more than our class could. The professor (David?) has extensive knowledge when it comes to growing and sustaining plant life which is essential to creating a comfortable community space. As we saw in placemaking videos, people like to gather around nature, having small trees and other aesthetically pleasing plants around the terrace would make it a much more attractive place for people to gather. He talked about possible cement pots we could use and the school has many different plants we could use. They also have many different skills when it comes to using power tools and crafting things such as furniture. While Nati is very skilled, having other experienced people with even more tools would make building furniture such as chairs and tables even easier.

The owner of the puppet theater could be a tremendous help in promoting the popularity of the terrace. Entertainment at the terrace that would attract children would bring whole families to the terrace. The puppet theater also has experience in constructing things and could help contribute to the building up of the terrace. Shows at the terrace would link special memories with the location and make it a much more significant spot for families. This would give them motivation to maintain the space and use it for more events.

I cannot wait to see how all these different groups can come together to share ideas and better the terrace into a beautiful place for all of Perugia.



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