Something in the Air by Amy Mullowney

The past week has made me consider just how greatly weather influences an area: the people; their priorities of activities; if places are even open… Few people will be out on the terrace in this weather, so yesterday amidst the snow flurries I ventured out to find a cafe to study in. I was reminded that small Italian shops won’t open if they don’t want to! Having lived in Montana and Minnesota, where they expect you to get to class no matter the inches of snow, I was surprised by today’s news when morning classes were canceled due to snow. (But no complaints here!)

Despite somewhat nasty weather conditions on Friday, our outing in Borgo Bello was still a positive experience. Meeting David at the University of Agriculture, as well as the others involved in the community garden project, and the puppet master at TIEFFEU Puppet Theatre helped give me an idea of just how strong Borgo Bello’s sense of community is. Before, I was thinking that it might be a stretch to envision so many people coming together for the terrace party at the end of the semester, but now I have more faith in the kind, generous people of this community.

Like we briefly brainstormed on Friday, I also think that asking community businesses to participate and provide food in exchange for some publicity and getting their name out there will be a successful tactic. Perhaps even more so than for publicity, I think people are more inclined to help if they believe in the cause and the stories behind this project. I hope explaining our intentions for the project when we ask for their participation will motivate them to join in.

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