Everybody Eats

Sitting down to write this week’s journal I was kind of stuck. I usually base it off of the readings, but we didn’t have any this week. I started looking through my reader and for some reason, something we talked about on the first day kept popping into my head. “Place: a piece of an environment where we have reappropriated feelings.”

I was at a national conference last year for my sorority and I remember listening to one of the lecturers discussing how men and women’s friendships differ. Becoming a single unit to work towards a common goal is achieved for women differently than men. Men see a goal and decide to put the goal first. The act of working together bonds them- like a sports team. Women, on the other hand, must first develop an emotional attachment to the person. They must form a connection on a deeper level before allowing oneself to sustain effort toward the goal.

I was thinking that for a man or a woman to develop reappropriated feelings toward a place must be similar to human relationships. Which brought me to the second item we discussed on the first day of class “form follows function.” What can be done to attract all individuals to the terrace? What function does the terrace need to fulfill in order for children, men, and women to wish to gather there?

I believe food is an excellent item to focus on. A table always brings people together. Games can be played, conversations can be made, and food can be eaten. In my ISLI: A Taste for Knowledge class we have discussed how preparing food and all aspects of food are used as plot development. Whether that be to get everyone together or to work together to prepare a meal. Sometimes just to spark conversation.

Bringing people together with food is the simplest function to create reappropriated feelings. Who doesn’t have fond memories when food was involved?


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