Great Minds Think… By: Shelby Goode

What is it about the Borgo Bello Neighborhood that captivates the community members of so many to dedicate their time and energy to making this space a place that can be open and utilized by all. As a student studying abroad in Perugia for only a few short months it didn’t take me long to see the passion that is placed in this community. From the School of Agriculture, the skilled architects, to the puppet master, and the passionate people from the rest of the community and throughout Perugia, Borgo Bello is definitely a place that reflects the cross-connections and perspectives of many.


How is it that such a large neighborhood and group of people can work alongside each other to create proposals and make a change? From what I have observed it is the many personalities, backgrounds, ideas, and connections made that have improved the neighborhood and made it the place it is today. Something that stuck with me on our class trip to the School of Architecture and the Puppet Shop was that a good project requires the attention and skills of many masters, leaders, followers, and people from all backgrounds. These backgrounds should not only be from people of different careers, but experiences, age, and etc. and more. As we got to meet all of those who have worked so hard to create a utilized space in the streets of Borgo Bello I witnessed how important it is first hand to have participatory engagement in community projects.


Rather than having one leader, the people who are working to make the terrace and neighborhood a space used by all have collaborated and brought something different to the project. This project with the various people who have added character and implemented structure to Borgo Bello are why I believe that great minds actually think very different with their ability to bring so many perspectives and experiences to a community project.


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