Into the public space by Tania Cerquiglini

I’ve always been impressed by the buildings, the streets, the hidden nooks of a place. I’ve always felt the normal flow of people around me but I’ve never been part of it until today. It was another monday morning in Perugia and the north wind blend with a light rain. Piazza IV Novembre wasn’t too crowded. I tried to observe people from different parts and corners of the square. I’ve seen the morning supply to the city center shops,  tourists came out of the Duomo, a man who smoked under Logge di Braccio, some reporters outside Sala dei Notari. I’ve heard as a background noise the sound of luggages that crossed the square. I tried to observe all of this, but just when I was in the middle of the square I was really able to identify people, sounds, everythings I’d ever seen. This has only been possible because I was on their side, I was part of that flow. I could observe and being watched. I was part of the place and probably, without me knowing, I was part for example of a tourist’s photo. Public space is the place in which collective identity play is possible.

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