Un borgo veramente bello

My observations of Corso Cavour and the surrounding areas were very enlightening. It is embarrassing to say, but I was not even aware there was another area of Perugia that was even comparable to Corso Vannucci. I was pleasantly surprised to find another large dose of wonder to take in. Each off-shoot alley way had a little story to tell, and truly had a character of its own. Borgo Bello is a neighborhood that truly is beautiful. It has a character that is unlike many areas around it. For starters, it has a bunch of zealous nuts in it’s corner, fighting for it to be the best place that can be possibly made. The efforts made by classes prior to mine are quite visible and very impressive. Rome was not built in a day, and nor was Borgo Bello.

My observations have inspired me to want to do more for this little area of Perugia. This place that was once completely unknown to me is now a place that I intend to hold near and dear to my heart. The work done in this area has inspired me to want to contribute. The re-use of discarded construction material has caused me to imagine what I can build with discarded materials whenever I see it. Borgo Bello has inspired me to be a zealous nut, for the good of this community!

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