Children play in the streets

One of the first things William H. Whyte studied and talks about in our reading is where children play. He talks about how most playgrounds are not crowded. Why is this? Because, contrary to the common misconception that children only play on the streets due to the lack of play space, children play on the streets because they want to.

Children have vastly more creative imaginations then adults. While working for a preschool over the summer, I would watch in awe during free play, when the 2-5 year old children would launch into their imagination world, and come up with amazing plot lines, almost as if they were putting on a play they had practiced many times before.

Children don’t necessarily need anything to aid in their play, they can organically use their imaginations in any scenario. I find this very interesting, and want to explore further how we can use this information towards creating better public spaces.b03f4224de20999414764dff35685e071

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