First Trip down Corso Cavour

Borgo Bello has a completely different atmosphere than the City Center. I was so excited after exploring Borgo Bello that I ended up taking my friends there all afternoon on Saturday. We stopped at the Vinyl Record Cafè, unsure of the real name, that my tour guide, Tania, showed us! It was so fun we stayed down there and ate Gyros for dinner. While we were at the cafè, we talked with the bartender and a few other people around the crowded bar. That Saturday evening I was able to get a better impression of the wonderful people that make Borgo Bello the enchanting neighborhood it is. But, I can’t forget to discuss the place itself and thanks to Tania, our exploration guide, we saw a lot.

The first week of class and the readings for last week discuss four key attributes: access & linkages, comfort & image, uses & activities, and sociability.

The class of Fall 2017 seemed to have observed, that when discussing access and linkages, the terrace is not visible when you are walking on the road next to it let alone from a distance. Tania explained how she hadn’t ever seen it before and she walks the road quite frequently. The classes sign is the only notice of the terrace’s existence when you are near it. From a distance, one can follow the daisies painted on the sidewalk, which I personally thought was a very creative mapping technique.  Overall, this is a difficult area to improve in, but there always is a possibility.

The furniture and style of the terrace are very well made and creative. They have provided plenty of seating. The first thing I noticed, after the furniture, was the view and how I needed to take out my camera immediately! IMG_2928      I thought it was tremendous. I believe this could be a draw for people if we could advertise it as such. I am very curious about the restaurants right around the terrace and the number of tourists that are made aware of the space. The maintenance was the true issue, but if there were more frequent visitors bringing business to the nearby shops, cafès, and bars then perhaps the owners would take a stronger interest in helping to maintain the terrace.

It was a cold evening when we visited the terrace for the first time which could have explained why no one was there. The place did, however, provide areas for all different ages. I am very curious to look at what the fall class observed as the most frequent activity the terrace was used for.

Overall, I thought the people of Borgo Bello are fantastic and welcoming. People are what make a place after all. I believe that using the place-lead mentality, we should next be looking at ways to help the community feel responsible for maintaining the area. They are fabulous people and they should get to take advantage of this wonderful place.

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  1. taniacerquiglini says:

    It was a great experience, thank you too Claire.


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