First Impressions of Borgo Bello by Amy Mullowney

I enjoyed exploring Borgo Bello last Tuesday. My observations were not very noteworthy except that the area of town was as charming and quaint as the rest of Perugia (that I have explored thus far). There weren’t many people out and about and the people that I did  see seemed older. I did not see very many people my age and no children at all or a school.

One of my favorite discoveries during the “walk and snoop about” was the Museo Archeologico Nazionale dell’Umbria. As seen in two of the pictures down below, this museum has a breathtaking courtyard (even on a overcast day!) We walked around a bit before realizing that it was, in fact, a Roman and Etruscan museum and that costs five euros.

We also came across a tea & coffee shop and record store store (that I cannot remember the name of). During the time we went it was empty, but there was a spot for live music in the back and I wondered what kind of crowd usually occupies the shop… I would guess a younger group and maybe students, but I found it curious that I did not see many youth in the streets. I’ll definitely be back because it looks like a great spot to study at or just hang out in.

The last of my observations is on the “living room with a view.” I thought it was a breathtaking view, and also quite unfortunate that it is so hard to find. On one hand, places that are not obvious but somewhat hidden are often the most treasured; but on the other, this particular spot is not one that you would come across at all if you did not know of its existence. The dandelions on the street are very creative and cute, but I would not have pieced together that you should follow them to come across such a place.

Here is a slideshow of the pictures I took:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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