Discovering Perugia

I’m excited to meet local Perugians and discover how their neighborhood functions. We learned a lot about placemaking and have already discussed some different factors that our class believes would be beneficial to creating a sustainable living space. We read about Jane Jacobs and what she believes is necessary for creating a sustainable place.  What specifically stood out to me was that she does not believe more modern and aesthetically pleasing spaces would contribute to a better neighborhood but rather would make it worse and less safe. She believed that having people on close knit streets and the ability to communicate from your house or apartment with the street greatly increases the safety of a space. This week we’re going to explore a local community and see the work that former placemaking students have already completed. I’m excited to learn from the work that has already been done and use the knowledge I gain to further expand the successfulness of place making here in Perugia as well as back in the United States.

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