The True Nature of the Cortone Terrance by Morgan Nash

Throughout the semester my class has slowly learned about the neighborhood of Borgo Bello, particularly the area surrounding the terrace on Via del Cortone. From observations to interviews we have found that most of the time the terrace is a quiet setting where people go to relax, chat with friends and enjoy the scenery. However, in the past there have also been louder events there like the inauguration event a few years ago with a local band playing. Personally, I like to think about the terrace as a quiet place to enjoy leisure activities.

For my most recent observation with Giselle, we packed some snacks and brought along our friend who wanted do some sketching. Upon arrival we saw one young man casually sitting on the bleachers, seemingly taking in the view of Perugia and lost in thought. Throughout the hour we saw an older woman come to the ledge above the terrace to look at the view and a few young children played ball in the parking lot.

Most of the observations have included use by a diverse population. I have seen teenagers through elderly come to the terrace for a variety of purposes (most of which were quiet or silent activities). Even through the terrace is a completely different environment from a library, the atmosphere is very similar. It is unfortunate that the area is not very inviting to children as it is quiet without many interactive objects. While we saw children playing in the area above the terrace, they would not have been able to play ball on the terrace because of dog droppings and the fact the over the wall drops off on the other side. This means that if a ball were to go over the wall it would be unfortunately irretrievable. This reality greatly limits the activities that children can do on the terrace.

As a class I believe we need to identify the current needs of the terrace and propose solutions to the community at the upcoming workshop. There are four aspects of the terrace we are looking at: use, maintenance, promotion and events. Similar to a question for our interviews, “Who do you think should manage the place?” I would like to see a few organizations within the community take ownership of the terrace. This way it will be used for a purpose, promoted naturally, and well maintained. I would personally like to see a few restaurants and theaters put on events for the community on the terrace to keep it maintained and used.

Pictured: View from the Terrace on Via del Cortone and Alicia Muir sketching the skyline of Perugia. Taken 30.10.2017

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