Recent Observations

With the confusion as to when the last blog post was due, there has been a gap in our regular observations, so our observations over the past two and a half weeks will culminate into this somewhat rant-like post.

Since the unforeseen break in our posts, I have visited the terrace four or five times over the span of three weeks: once with Talia, and around three other times on my own. All of which have lead me to observe differing characteristics about the terrace. With Talia, there was a severe lack of pushers this time, but we made an equally interesting observation. On the left side of the terrace (when facing out toward the city) we saw a man throw multiple buckets of, what appeared to be paint, over the ledge and into the bushes. We looked over and found a large pile that had accumulated. I’m not sure of the legality of this, but I feel like this is an overlooked deterrent for the terrace regardless. Aside from this, we saw several people come and enjoy the terrace, including two people having a photoshoot.

The other times I returned to the terrace, I was alone. I made a phone call home one of the times and stayed at the terrace for over an hour, and watched several people come and go. Some of which were the pushers Talia and I observed the last time we both made our observations together, although this time they did not seem to be “on the job”, but enjoying the view themselves. Each time I returned, people were sitting on both of the  bleachers, and I took a place along the ledge further down the terrace. I think expanding or building more inclusive seating would be very beneficial to the area.

I also returned at night one of the days, somewhere around 8 or 9pm. There were three people there and all taking pictures facing the city. My first reaction was that the space needed more lighting, but I know this has been a problematic aspect we have discussed already.

In short, the times I have visited the terrace over the past few weeks have far exceeded my expectations. My previous encounters with the space had been limited and I felt as if I saw the terrace in some of its most unflattering moments, but this time has proven that the space is being used beneficially and there is real growth to be observed.


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