Lead the Way and They will follow

As the sun was setting, we headed towards the terrace with one of our friends who decided to join us for the night. Once we arrived, it was quiet and there was a man who was deep in thought. He sat there looking out at the view and occasionally looked down. Once Morgan, Alicia (our friend), and I settled down at the table we noticed that there were dog droppings around it. That really isn’t something you want to see if you brought sandwiches to eat but we later decided that we should walk around and sit on the ledge.

As I looked around I saw the man look our way a few times but he continued to sit in silence. Within the 10 minutes of arriving, the man left, perhaps our presence disrupted his private thoughts and he decided to leave. Our friend scoped out a place to sit on the ledge to draw the view, this happened to be her first time there, and as she began to sketch out the city it reminded me of the ideas the children said when we visited the school that Tuesday. They bounced ideas off each other like writing poetry, singing, and drawing at the terrace. They also said that one could put a pool or a soccer field there! Surprisingly, halfway through the observation, Morgan and I saw a small group of children playing soccer in the parking lot above the terrace, they didn’t come down to the terrace at all unless the ball rolled down the steps. There was also a lady who stopped by at the top of the terrace and quietly enjoyed the view.

Although the terrace has things for children, it seems like an area for an older audience because of the solitude one experiences while there. I know it can be different if events are held there, like the inauguration of the terrace where the children sang a song and a band played or perhaps more puppet shows by Mario so that the children are more interactive and welcomed there. But then again, a child can make a place anywhere like they do when they play in the streets or climb trees.

On another note, I noticed that the seats were arranged in a circle and that a stump was on the bench while another was presumably used for a step on the wall. Also, Alicia ended up using the stump to climb up onto the wall because she is short. I also saw that the chalkboard had graffiti on it with the statement “MEGLIO LE SIRINGHE, HAI RAGIONE SCUSA” and plenty of scratches as well. Although we are waiting for a replacement chalkboard, the children can’t use this and it isn’t appealing.

I have thought about the role of children at the terrace since the school visit, I think one of the reasons we don’t see many children there is because there isn’t anyone to lead them there.  Just one visit influenced the children from the school that a few continue to go there on their own accord. I believe the community can find ways to lead children there so that they may enjoy the space while they grow up even if it’s just one class outside.

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