Observations on a Wednesday by Talia Schaer

This Wednesday evening at five, Jake and I set out to do our first hour observation of the terrace. It was a gorgeous day out, sunny and mild. The perfect weather to go on a walk or hang out with friends outside. Since it was an early time in the evening and so beautiful outside I expected to see people coming and going from the terrace.

When we first got there we decided to sit on the ledge above the trees to get a view of the terrace as well as the amazing cityscape. We mapped out where all the chairs and bleachers were. They had not moved since Sunday’s clean up.

Ten minutes after we arrived a woman came by with her dog. They stayed for about five minutes. The dog sniffed at Jake’s bag while the woman called it over to her. Then they left without the woman cleaning up after her dog.

Twenty five minutes after we arrived, a man in his twenties came to the fence above the terrace. He enjoyed the view for a minute or two. He seemed confused and put of by mine and Jake’s presence. I think he was taking some photos of the view with his phone before he left.

After the man left a family took his place. It was comprised of a grandmother, mother, and son. The boy looked bored and the mother helped the grandmother walk around after they looked at the view from the gate above the terrace.

At the halfway mark Ray dropped by and we talked to him for a few minutes. Chatting about the terrace and who we had seen at the terrace so far.

Then two minutes before six two women stopped by the fence to look at the view. And then promptly left.

Overall the terrace was pretty empty even at what I assumed would be a prime time with the weather being so nice.

(Pictured below: The view of Perugia from the terrace and field notes taken.)

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