Place-People Watching

Piazza Novembre is a main passage way to all parts of Perugia’s city center; so it is a perfect place to do observations. This area always has something going on at any time of day. The constant change of action in the Piazza is what makes it a great place. The first area I observed in the Piazza was the steps of Sala de Notari. People come to these steps for many reasons. People were eating, smoking, talking with friends, taking pictures and using their phones. Most people were in small groups or by themselves. These steps are very active because they are in a good location, have a nice view of the fountain, are welcoming to all, and a perfect place to do people watching!

Another area I observed was the fountain. I would consider this to be the focal point of the piazza. Most people I observed around the fountain were just passing by. Generally the only people who stopped to look at it were tourists. Large groups of tourists would stop and take pictures. The fountain is beautiful, but you can’t sit anywhere around it or drink the water from it. Even though you can’t get much use out of it, it attracts people to the piazza.

I have noticed that Piazza Novembre is very lively at the night time.  Young adults and teenagers (mostly) sit on the steps in large groups. Sometimes there is a performance or music being played. I have never been there at night and saw no one there. I like the atmosphere at nighttime, which is why it is my favorite time to be there. The sound of water or music in the background, and the chatter of people keep me coming back.

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