Borgo Bello


Walking through Borgo Bello, I was surprised. I didn’t know it was going to be such a big and lively neighborhood. It has many attractions; restaurants, churches, a university, movie theaters, and beautiful views. There are a few attractions in Borgo Bello that you can’t find in the center of Perugia, such as a shooting range, and beer shops. All of these places are attractions for people to come to. The area around some of these places could be keeping them from being used as often. For example, the movie theaters are not on the main street, so one might not know they are there. Also the path to get to the movie theaters is a little run down, and not as welcoming. This is one area I believe could use some improvement in order to become more popular. Other areas have similar problems.

On one of the side streets, we walked by a rundown water spout. We were unsure if we could drink water because it didn’t look like it was used much. We asked a local if it was fine to drink from it, and he said it was fine to drink from. Water is something everyone needs in their life and is very important. I think this is another area in which should be improved. The water spout is easily accessible, it just needs to be more physically attractive and welcoming.

I have never heard of placemaking until this class. I think it is such a good thing; helping the community and making places better for everyone. The work that the previous students accomplished was impressive. I loved the garden/bench area near the escalators. I look forward to continue improving Borgo Bello. After this experience I am definitely coming back with my friends to show them this beautiful area.

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