The New and Improved Terrace


This might look like the average side street to a person passing by, but it is not. It leads to a terrace that is loved and taken care of by the community. In the beginning of April our placemaking class and the community came together to clean the terrace. We all worked to repaint the furniture, clean the ground, and pull some weeds to make the terrace clean after a long winter of disuse. We had a very successful clean up and involved the community of Borgo Bello. This clean up day was a great example of how the participatory process can work if you bring people together. We had a group of people who already had the skills and desires to clean an area and encouraged them to make our space beautiful too. I am so hopeful for this community after seeing all these people show up and work so hard for our project. I think this was a good step in making our terrace a place everyone wants to visit. It can be so hard to gather the community to help little projects thrive. But the Borgo Bello community proved that they want to create a better community for everyone.

The terrace is now clean. What is next?

In the workshop our class has been working hard to furnish the terrace. We have built tables and benches so people can sit and enjoy the view. We have cut, sanded, painted, and primed our projects in order to give the terrace more character. We as a class have worked hard to ensure that the terrace will be seen and used. By the end of this week all our projects should be finished and ready to unveil at the final event. I am excited for the final event so we can show the community and Umbra students all our hard work and efforts on the terrace. Overall I think we accomplished a lot this semester with the community and on the terrace. I hope that future Umbra students will be able to use and add to our project.

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