The community meeting last Wednesday was not only fun, but informative for me. It was nice to see all of the people invested and interested in helping create the terrace into something even better than it is now. I also loved to see their willingness to participate in the process. While my Italian is not good enough to have understood everything, especially after a certain point, I think a lot of planning got done. Although I do not recall his name, I liked the input by one particular person at the meeting about the feasibility of cheap, environmentally friendly lightly at the terrace. I hope that this is one of those things in which we can put together before the end of the semester, but if the process takes much longer that is fine as well.

I believe that the meeting also solidified many of the problems which the class wanted to address about the terrace. The maintenance has a solution for the moment, although perhaps we should try to clean it some before April as well if possible, and the lighting might be on its way to being figured out. Even if they were joking, I liked their idea of trying to slowly keep people from parking in front of the entrances to the terrace because that is a huge visibility factor. Even if we make a gate of sort for visibility, I do not think it will help so much if cars are still parked directly in front of it, so slowly convincing them to keep away from that spot somehow might work.

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Trans history lover, history and spanish student at Hollins University.
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