Community Meeting

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the meeting due to a nasty case of strep throat, but from what I have read it sounds like the community was more than willing to contribute ideas to the terrace. This in itself is exciting. When community members are getting excited about a vision for a specific space, it’s almost inevitable that some type of change will be made. It also looked like the ideas provided by the community members were somewhat parallel to things we talked about in class, which is also a great sign. When the community members and the people providing the additions to a space are on the same page, it makes such a positive impact on the space.

I would have loved to be there and see the way the community members presented their ideas. A few of us mentioned that there was a language barrier but it was still easy to understand the passion surrounding specific topics. I think that the future of the terrace is so bright. We have an active community with a vision for a better space, and a class of students and professors who are ready to take on some changes. It’s an exciting time to be a placemaker!


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