Town Meeting

Last Wednesday we had the privilege of hosting a meeting for the members of Borgo Bello who are interested in helping us with our plan for the terrace. The meeting had an interesting dynamic because most of us (myself included) do not speak Italian so it was very easy to get lost in translation. I wish that I could have contributed to speaking out more at the meeting, but my attempt at speaking Italian would be awful! Everyone who spoke did an awesome job though!

It was very encouraging to see how many people came out to support us and our efforts to make this terrace beautiful. From the amount of participation at the meeting, I could tell how passionate these people are about the community they live in. Almost everyone who attended the meeting spoke up and voiced their own opinion. From what I could understand I think that mostly everyone agreed with the ideas we have already come up with. They also came up with a few of their own! Some of the ideas included: a monthly clean up of the terrace, adding something that can be seen from far away that makes the terrace visible, solar lighting and various shrubbery to make the terrace more attractive.

I am very excited to finally get to work on the terrace! Its finally getting warm out so I am sure we will have a lot of opportunities to work outside on the terrace. It is important that we focus on what’s feasible and necessary.


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