First Community Meeting

Last week we went to Borgo Bello to the puppet studio to meet with about 15 community members from Borgo Bello. It was nice to be introduced to some of them and at least see the faces of the people we’ll being working with in the coming months. I enjoyed helping present the brainstorming our class had done, but found it hard to engage with the discussion that followed. At least 75% of the community members who were present spoke up during the discussion which I found very encouraging. It meant that there was some level of democratic process involved in their decision making. What I found discouraging however, was how disorganized the discussion felt: everyone seemed to be speaking over each other which made the space inaccessible for more soft-spoken folks. In the future meetings I would like to see more structure and respect for listening rather than being heard.

I am excited to read the minutes from the meeting though, I think once we review some of the things the community is excited about being involved in we’ll have a better idea of where and how to start on our own small projects. I think we’re getting closer to starting and am grateful that we get to see that a majority of the work of community building and Placemaking is the planning.

17028708_10212642111553481_2074494761_n Congratulations on your graduation to Vincenzo!!


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