Community Plans for Action

This past Wednesday we attended the community meeting that proposed a “Plan of Action” for the terrace, with the main objective of creating obtainable goals for the terrace in the upcoming months as well as having an idea for possible long term usage. Prior to the meeting, we prepared our proposals/ideas in a grid like diagram which was designed so that community members could add their input and propose different solutions.

Something that I noticed during the meeting was the interest level of those attending. Everyone there seemed to be invested in the neighborhood and invested in making the terrace a positive community space. Despite my limited italian speaking abilities, I was able to understand various proposals for the terrace; ideas that covered issues of lighting, accessibility, and the parking lot. It seemed that our ideas were a great launch board for conversation. It soon became evident that people were excited and committed to fixing the terrace.

Going over the notes from the discussion, I agree that there are certain actions that must be done (urgently) before we can really implement our ideas. One of which is cleaning the terrace and re-establishing it as a place worth seeing and worth visiting. While we are cleaning the terrace, creating planters, and building arches, I also think establishing any sort of relationship with City Hall would be beneficial. The indifference and absence of the city administration was noted at the meeting, and there was a proposal to start a proposal-plan/call for action/petition of sorts; however, I feel that it would be in the community’s best interest to start creating/developing/sustaining a relationship with the city as soon as possible just because it takes time for administrations to mobilize. While plans/actions are in process for the terrace (ie. cleaning, building furniture), Borgo Bello can approach the city and show them the progress that a grassroots organization has made, showing the commitment of the neighborhood and the incentive for the city to become involved.  I’m looking forward to seeing the terrace transform!


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