Community Meeting

This past Wednesday we met with some of the head people in the community to help us with the Terrace del Cortone. We put our suggestions for the terrace in a grid like visual to help conceptualize and display our ideas as well as easily add any suggestions for the terrace’s future. A few class members bravely took it upon themselves to speak to the community members in Italian, while Vincenzo offered a very passionate and detailed description of the problems and several of our thoughtful solutions. The problems being as we said before: limited visibility/awareness, the parking lot, lack of maintenance, limited seating (which effects use) lack of diversity in ages ands groups that use the space, safety/perceived safety problems, etc.. After stating the problems and some of our possible solutions: including signage, an entry way, etc.. The community members were quick and enthusiastic with their own ideas as well as what they could contribute/ do for and with the space. Some of these ideas involved a monthly clean up every first Sunday, as well as solar powered lights, and some kind of greenery leading to the space. They were excited with the entry way as well as with the idea of more seating.. but were wary about the new furniture being stolen… so that is still something we will have to brainstorm more about. The meeting overall seemed to go over very well, the class ideas seemed to excite everyone and everything they were coming up with was inventive and insightful.. definitely beneficial to the terrace. The next step for the class is to solidify our plans; what we can do in the next few months and get our hands dirty.

The picture featured I stole from Vincenzo’s fb ;)16903579_1586489758028661_5287985582203024150_o1


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