Community Meeting


Last Wednesday our class got to meet the active community members of Borgo Bello. It was great to see people show up and care about the terrace. Everyone who showed up looked engaged and ready to take part in our project. I was happy that we were able to meet and talk with people that have ties to this community. We had Vincenzo start off the conversation which helped that he was able to speak fluent Italian. Then two other brave students explained our ideas about the terrace. Immediately, people started to get excited and join in the conversation. Even though I could not understand the language most of the time, I could see the enthusiasm that the community has for our project which was really great. I enjoyed being able to hear from the people as to what would benefit them the most. We even got a local group to help clean the terrace. This is a big step in making the terrace a place everyone can enjoy. We learned a lot from this meeting and now have to decide on what are projects will consist of. How will we incorporate our ideas with the local knowledge of this place. We have a lot of work ahead of us but now we have more support and people who want to work towards the goal of cleaning up and improving the living room with a view. It is a beautiful place but it needs the help from us to make it a destination for everyone. I am excited to start making this place live up to its full potential. Soon we will be out of the planning stages and into the working stage. This is when the transformation can begin.


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