Plans for the Future

I am proud to be able to work with such a great community. From being able to visit a school and collaborate with children to having an upcoming meeting with locals. I think Borgo Bello works so hard to be involved in our projects and better their neighborhood. The meeting coming up this Wednesday is a great opportunity to involve the people and make specific improvements that benefits everyone. It will also be helpful to hear what the community would like us to incorporate into our project. I think we need to present our main objective for the terrace and then let the community build upon our own goals. This way we are motivated to do a project we want with the community’s insight in mind. This also helps to accomplish our goals but to help shape this place into a place the community can also enjoy. This is an important aspect in making this terrace project successful. As the class has read doing a project is more successful when you have local knowledge and partnership. I think it is a great step in making the terrace an everyday place and to open it up for events. If we all work together this can be a place where families and friends can gather to enjoy a living room with a view.


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