Involving Children

Last weeks trip to Borgo XX Giugno Elementary School was extremely eye opening to me. I have not had a lot of experience with little kids, and to see their ideas and thoughts was incredible. Although these kids can’t even read yet, their concept of Peace is profound. Each kid had their own take on the meaning and how to make it into a reality. I was completely blown away by the kids aptitude and understanding of the world. I think the Kaki Tree Project is a very cool way for children to be involved with their community, promote environmental studies and sustainability, and the world’s history with violence and destruction. It exposes these children to hard topics at such a young age, which will help build a more peaceful future.


The visit helped me see that this terrace can do the same thing as the Kaki Project. The terrace has the potential to create a peaceful community space, not just for the Borgo Bello but Perugia as a whole. Jane Jacobs took a wide range approach at placemaking and proposed that it could change the nature of public space. She felt that if the community was involved, that it would be successful. If we were able to incorporate these children into the terrace, I think it would be a successful project. I think if our class can pull off adding their drawings into the furniture, they would have a reason to go to the terrace. Then when they grow up and the terrace has become a solidified part of the community, they will be able to connect with it for the rest of their lives. The terrace cannot be integrated into the community, the community must integrate into the terrace.


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