What to do about the terrace with a view

Last class we spent a better part of our time brainstorming about the future for the terrace, and coming up with possible solutions and additions to the previous classes plans. The previous class had really BIG and grandiose ideas including  a child play area equipped with a rock wall, a stage for live performances, and a plexiglass replica of the view giving information about some of the buildings people were viewing. All of the previously mentioned ideas are wonderful, and the book they created of their plans showed the possibility the terrace has, however, all of these ideas will take a large amount of time, energy, manpower, and community desire to see the project through. We are trying to change the terrace to make it a more useable or in general a used place. In order to do this we need to keep the area relevant, and therefore time is our biggest enemy. Because with the more time that passes the harder it is to keep the community involved and supportive of our work. This could be for a number of reasons…other matters could come up that prove to be more important or the community could believe that nothing is happening or changing with the area so they give up. We do not want the people of Borgo Bello to give up on the terrace because like the class before us as well as some people in the community we see the potential the terrace has to offer.

So what do we do..?

I think that instead of focusing on events to gain publicity we should try to fix up the terrace as much as possible so it can garner everyday use. The main obstacles are the terrace is hidden, bad lighting (do people feel safe), lack of places to relax/spend time there; this way we will be treating the people and what they feel the problems are for the terrace. Again, in the reading the idea of local involvement was mentioned so any local advice or help on our project would be beneficial to the project as a whole. Therefore, these are the problems that we should focus on this semester or if that is too many things then the class should pick one or two from the obstacles I mentioned. People need to have a reason to go and to stay at the terrace, and once there is that stuff to do then events etc. can be held there.

(The picture is not what the terrace will look like, but as pictured this is well-lit and has seating people would probably feel safe staying there.. )



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