Terrace Ideas

IMG_4146.jpgLast class we split up into groups and brainstormed ideas for the terrace. The previous class had a great vision for the terrace, however I felt like it was a little unrealistic because there is only so much you can achieve within one semester in a class that meets once a week. My group discussed the importance of focusing on one single thing at a time rather than ten at a time. We had awesome ideas for things to be added to the terrace and also in regards to marketing the terrace.

This terrace needs to be about the people, I love the idea of holding a town meeting and asking what the town members what they would want to see in the terrace. It needs to have a certain appeal that really draws people in and I believe that this space should have something for all ages. In class we mentioned the difference between a private and a public place. I think the terrace should be a public space with the ability of also being a private place where there could be kids playing in one area, while an older couple is reading to each other while looking at the beautiful view.

To achieve this we need to add more seating, potentially seating that can be moved, but not stolen. The idea of the bleachers is perfect because they allow you to see the wonderful view of Perugia. Also, I think a place for children to play is essential. I liked the idea of cheaper life-sized games for the children and a chalkboard- giving people of all ages the ability to express themselves. These ideas are much more feasible rather than a rock-climbing wall that could cause injury and liability issues. Lighting is also an issue that the terrace faces. I found garbage to be an issue when we visited the terrace, so adding more garbage cans to help keep the terrace beautiful is also essential. As students we could also monitor the garbage issue by taking turns to clean up each week that we are here! In order for the terrace to feel safer, lighting should be added so that this space can also be used throughout the night, without angering the older lady who lives near by of course!

These steps need to be taken before the terrace can start being marketed to the public. My favorite idea from class was hosting a yoga class on the terrace once a week to really draw people in. We can advertise with flyers posted around the city and start putting signs up that lead to the terrace. My idea was having footprints or something similar to the paw prints we see at the zoo to lead people to explore the terrace. Once people realize how beautiful and safe this terrace can be, it will be the perfect place to relax and give people the ability to feel like part of the community.

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