Terrace Ideas


A definition of placemaking that helps to define this project is to “take back the public realm to create memorable, beautiful, vibrant places where people want to gather and participate in the community”.  I think this definition really brings home what the terrace project is all about. Our group wants to take this place and give it to the public to make it vibrant and memorable for the community. We brainstormed many ideas and thought through how to make the terrace better and what benefits it already offered. It is clear to see that the terrace already has beauty. It is a location that is lost to most of the public due to its location from the main street. It is peaceful and a relaxing place to hang out with others. It is a place the community could come to love if it is taken care of.

How do we make the terrace better?

The terrace had many great assets but we must add more and improve the area for its true beauty to show. It needs to be a space where everyone feels safe and where the community can come to enjoy the view and the company of others. It is a great space to entertain and to hold events. It is far enough away that people can feel like they have a private space but not outside the city. It needs some help first to get to the stage where the public can use this space for larger events.

The last classes of placemaking have laid the ground work for us. They have accomplished some of the goals of this project and improved the area. It is now our groups job to take responsibility for what will come next in this project. We learned about the plans and what could become of this terrace.What can we do to improve it? I think we need to clean up the terrace and offer more access and lighting. It is important to have a place people feel safe coming to. It is also off the main road so people need to be directed on how to find this wonderful view. I also feel adding more furniture or activities to this area will make it more community and family friendly. If we add more seating and tables people can come to this location at any time to enjoy a meal or to hang out. Some of these things are small and others are larger projects but I am excited for all that we can accomplish while working on this project.


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